Crop Protection Pyrethrum


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Pyrethrum 5EC is a natural and organic insecticide which helps control aphids, black fly, greenfly, caterpillars and white fly on organic flowers, fruit, and vegetables. Pyrethrum 5EC contains 5% Natural Pyrethrins. Pyrethrum 5EC is approved for use on all edible and non edible vegetables, soft fruit and ornamentals. It can be used in indoor hydroponic and outdoor growing systems. Pyrethrum 5EC leaves no pesticide residues and can be harvested after 24 hours from its last treatment. Organic and natural product therefore it can be used in organic farming systems.

The most effective product for insect control in organic and high quality crops. Features: Insect paralysis on contact Interferes with sodium channels Contact action An natural organic insecticide and acaricide from Agropharm Made from natural pyrethrum Natural pyrethrum Environmentally friendly Potent insecticide Very low toxicity Usage: Rapid insect control Wide pest spectrum Harvest after 24 hours Indoor and Outdoor use Zero residue profile Non persistent in the environment Suitable for use in Organic farming No Limit to number of applications Green Book listed Examples of Use: Fruit ( example) Strawberries Raspberries Vines Vegetable crops (example) lettuce Cabbages etc