Nicolon Nets

Nicolon Growing Nets

The combination of strength, limited narrowing effect and limited lengthening, assure that Nicolon growing nets will perform as planned for a long time. The open structure and monofil yarns make sure these nets can be cleaned properly, which improves hygiene and prevents contamination.

By using the latest technology, Nicolon is capable of limiting the stretch and shrink to the ultimate, minimum without causing the nets to become stiff and unmanageable.

All sizes available in stock.

Nicolon Casing Nets

Adding casing soil or supplement to the mushroom compost can be done using a net similar to a growing net. The difference in this case is that these nets are fabricated exactly to the width between the sideboards and that they are used as a conveyor belt.

The nets are therefore always twice as long as the length of the shelve. A winch pulls a little wagon over the bed to the end and by the rolling effect of the net the casing soil or supplement is added as a layer to the compost. The filling machine manages the thickness of the layer.