Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units

We can design and supply air handling units for all sizes of growing tunnels using fans with high efficiency and low sound levels.

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Heating and Cooling Coils

We are proud to be a distributor of ROEN EST Products

Roen Est heat exchangers are manufactured with high quality tubes, which can be smooth or internally grooved. The tubes are resistant to the vast majority of primary fluids, in heating and cooling applications alike.

Product quality is ensured by inspecting the proper mechanical expansion of tubes into fins; the welding of bends, nipples, and headers in an inert atmosphere; and the final pressure leak test in a water bath. During the final inspection, the product is checked against the customers dimensional and qualitative specifications to ascertain its compliance.

Venturi-type distributors made from brass disks by turnings and drilling. Along with the welded copper capillary tubes, these distributors optimize coolant distribution in the parallel circuits of evaporators.

Water cooling, heating, and DX coils available in sizes:

  • 750 x 750
  • 1000 x 1000
  • 1200 x 1200

Custom sizes on request

Belimo Motors

Belimo damper actuators are designed for use in a variety of HVAC applications and guarantee reliability and reduced current consumption. With a comprehensive torque range (2 Nm to 40 Nm) they are optimised for damper sizes up to 8 m2. They can be mounted directly on damper shafts. The actuators are suitable for control dampers, VAV end devices, fan coil units and many other HVAC applications.


Axial Flow Fans & Plate Mounted Axial Fans
Axial Flow Fans

Range of cylindrical cased axial fans fitted with aluminium impellers and manufactured from high grade rolled galvanised steel and protected against corrosion by cataphoresis primer and black polyester paint finish.

Fitted with 2 contra rotating complementary impellers manufactured from die-cast aluminium. All models are supplied with pre-wired wiring junction box located on the outside of the fan casing for easy wiring access.

Available with single or three phase 4 poles motors.

Plate Mounted Axial Fans

Range of low-profile plate mounted axial fans fitted with aluminium impellers and single-phase motor (HCBB) or three phase motor (HCBT), IP65, Class F insulation, equipped with thermal protection.


Dampers are mainly responsible for shutting off and controlling the air flow in ventilation ducts. Ventilation dampers are an integral part of a ventilation system that, along with ducts, forms a ventilation pipeline. When selecting dampers for a given system, one should pay attention to many factors, for example the intended use, velocity, and chemical composition of air, control method (manual or automatic), planned operating time, and many others.