Checkweigh Scales

Designed for growers, by growers.

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Checkweigh scales are ideal for a wide range of applications throughout many industries, ideal for quality control. Some of our models have functionality to become portable, which is ideal for market traders.

  • Quickly see if you are under or over your desired weight
  • Save up to 80 different target weights
  • 6 Quick Recall Keys for your most used items

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Checkweigh Scales

Quickly see if you are under or over your desired weight

Checkweigh Scales Low
Checkweigh Scales Ok
Checkweigh Scales High
  • Checkweight Feature Checkweight Feature
  • Tare / Zero Feature Tare / Zero Feature
  • Overload Protection Overload Protection
  • Programmable Auto-Off Programmable Auto-Off
  • Easy One Button Calibration Easy One Button Calibration

Checkweigh Scales

With over 50 years’ experience in the Mushroom industry both as growers and suppliers we have built up a great knowledge of the needs of farmers.
We discovered a major issue among growers namely Underweights and Overweighs. Growers are constantly adding too much produce into punnets effectively giving away potential profits.

We have designed the SS-45 Harvest Scales which will provide a unique solution to Mushroom Growers problems.