Hygiene Omnicide – M

Omnicide – M

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Virucidal Disinfectant


The broad spectrum, non-phenolic virucidal disinfectant for disease control on mushroom farms.

Proven activity against viruses, bacteria, mycoplasms, spores & fungi.

  • Fully tested in mushroom tunnel conditions
  • Approved by ALL Supermarkets and Testing Agencies which eliminates the worry of Audit penalties or market suspension/fines
  • Full Traceability back to every raw ingredient used
  • Highly effective – Testing Agencies place Top of the list for disinfectants – full reports and results available
  • Approved for use in Organic Growing Systems

Can Your current supplier provide all of the above?

It is very important for Your Farm that they can!

Prevention is cheaper than cure!


Omnicide – ‘M ’gives biocidal efficacy to a level where it is likely no microorganisms can survive


  • HIGH EFFICACY Omnicide- ‘M’ Disinfectant inactivates viruses and kills bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi and coccidian


  • RAPID AND LONG LASTING – Compared to most other disinfectants whose efficacy lasts only a few hours on a surface, Omnicide- ‘M continues to kill microorganisms for extended periods


  • CLEANSING WITH DISINFECTION – The patented formulation in Omnicide- ‘M’ Disinfectant has excellent wetting properties which increases penetration and allows it to be used for terminal cleaning and disinfecting operations.


  • IDEAL AREAS INCLUDE – Shelving systems, walk areas, tabletops in packing sheds, walls, foot dips, picking knifes and all equipment.


  • OMNICIDE- ‘M Can be applied through any pressure washer or by manual wipe-on/wipe-off methods


  • NON-CORROSIVE TO MATERIALS – Can be used on or with any equipment.

Non-corrosive on stainless steel. (In Dilution)


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