Crop Protection Decis Protech 1 Litre

Decis Protech 1 Litre

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A broad spectrum pyrethroid insecticide for the control of aphids, caterpillars and a range of other pests in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops.

Decis Protech is a versatile pyrethroid-based on deltamethrin which gives rapid and cost-effective control of a wide range of biting, chewing and sucking insect pests in numerous agricultural and horticultural crops:

Outdoor crops of:

Fodder beet, beetroot, carrots, celeriac, horseradish, leeks, salad onion, parsley root, parsnip, radish, rye, durum wheat, salsify, triticale, cress, endives, lambs lettuce, baby leaf, herbs, blackberry, grass (seed), bulb onion, garlic, shallot, sweetcorn, chinese cabbage, kohl-rabi, linseed, broccoli.

Protected crops of:

Celery, rhubarb, strawberry, tomato, aubergine, cucumber, courgette, gherkin, squash, lettuce, lambs lettuce, baby leaf, cress, herbs, mushrooms.

It can be tank-mixed with an extra extensive range of crop protection and foliar nutrition chemicals and it rainfast in 1 hour.

MAPP 16160

PCS 05269

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