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Powerfogger 60

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The Powerfogger 60 is a versatile and easy to use electrical ULV fogger. With its powerful vacuum pump the Powerfogger 60 is able to use 1 or 2 nozzles and fog between 20 and 40 litres an hour. This makes the Powerfogger 60 a good match for rooms of 1000 up to 9000 m3. Due to its compact design and powerful ventilator the Powerfogger 60 is the right choice for disinfecting chicken houses, food processing plants and mushroom tunnels.


  • Disinfects 1,000m3 to 9,000m3 per hour
  • Flow rate single nozzle 20 l/h or duo nozzle 40 l/h
  • Vacuum pump 1.5 or 3 kW
  • Solution tank capacity 60 litres (upgradeable)
  • Fluid sensor inside tank for emptying the tank completely
  • Automatic ventilation procedure (15-minute pre-ventilation, 30-minute post-ventilation)
  • Effective fog throwing range 60 to 80 meters
  • No stoppages
  • Suitable for (store)room disinfection and general pest control measures
  • Complete stainless-steel framing

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