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  • New Website Launched

    The new website for Scully Grower Supplies is now live.
  • Using Nemecel for Phase III Growers

    Many Growers are confused about how to get the best possible results from their Nemecel.
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  • Very professional services, great products at great prices! John Smith

Scully Grower Supplies

Scully Grower Supplies are experts in the supply of top quality products to the Mushroom, Horticultural and Safety Products industries in the UK and Ireland. You can rely on us for a complete product range, expert advice and rapid delivery. We specialise in solutions in the field of chemical and organic crop protection, hygiene and disinfection.

  • Deliveries Throughout Ireland, United Kingdom and Europe

  • Great Deals on Bulk Buy

  • Free Delivery When Pre-Ordered

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